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Plumbing Repair & Maintenance Service

Plumbing Repair & Maintenance Service

Leaking tap, clogged drains, increases high water bills – worry no more! For continuous flow of water and to ensure your peace of mind we offer customized solutions to maintain your plumbing system. We understand that on-time preventive maintenance measures can save you from substantial costs on account of blocked drains and growth of fungus.

Our qualified Plumbing Maintenance technicians will ensure right maintenance services, highest system availability and avoid high repair costs

Benefits of our plumbing services:

* Fixing drain shaft & drainage issues

* Fixing or replacing drainage pipes

* Repairing leaks & drips

* Repairing or replacing sanitary items, water heaters & gate/ball valves

* Repairing or replacing taps & shower heads

* Repairing water pipe

* Repairing Pumping system 

* Sewer & drain cleaning

* Installation, Testing & commissioning of upgrades in your plumbing system

* Annual Service contracts

Benefits of Annual Maintenance Packages

* Priority Services

* Boost Your AC Performance

* Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

* Shield you from Electric Hazards

* Reduce Unexpected Electric Problems

* Minimize Electric Consumption

* Pump & Lights Repairing

* Protect you from Water Damages

* Extend The Life of your Equipment

* Regular Swimming Pool Cleaning